We help those recently laid off by tech companies find their next job, fast.

In the last 6 months alone, companies such as Uber, WeWork, Oyo and Mozilla have laid off thousands of employees. We help those affected find their next job, fast.
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Our story

👋 Hi, I'm Chris

Last summer I had to close my startup and lay off my entire team. It sucked. I tried to help them all find new jobs by sharing a spreadsheet of their profiles with my network and couldn't believe that was the best I could do.

Since then, it seems like we've seen more news of layoffs. Almost every time, it is followed by a spreadsheet: one tab for jobseeker profiles, and another tab where recruiters or hiring managers are adding jobs.

I wanted to make something better. Silver Lining is a project to help those affected by lay-offs. My goal is simple: to capture the right candidate information and put it in front of recruiters in a single place. No more messing around in disparate, ugly spreadsheets every time there is a layoff announced.

You can read about our coverage in Crunchbase here.

Coming soon: a forum for jobseekers, and we just released a job board too. Stay tuned.

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