Some news about Silver Lining.

In July 2019, I, unfortunately, had to shut my company down and lay off my entire team. This awful experience inspired me to start Silver Lining just a few months later in November 2019. I was determined to create something that I would've been proud to offer my team earlier in the year. In all honestly, it started as a side project for me - but with the COVID crisis hitting not long later, it quickly became much more. As we all now know, unfortunately, thousands of tech employees found themselves quickly out of work. Silver Lining grew into a destination for many who were affected.

In the following months, thousands joined the community. An incredible team joined Silver Lining as Ambassadors (and so much more!) and volunteered their time to help out -- offering free coaching, resume & LinkedIn reviews, webinars, and general community support. As members came together in Slack, I witnessed just how powerful communities can be. As members, you shared a common bond, a shared experience. Which led to an incredible upswell of people helping each other out.

In recent months, the waves of tech layoffs have, thankfully, slowed down. My drive and passion to help people affected by layoffs has not.

I'm extremely excited to announce that I am joining forces with leading outplacement company, Challenger Gray & Christmas - where I can continue the mission I set out with 12 months ago at a much broader level than I could with Silver Lining. While tech layoffs have slowed down, many other industries are still hurting. Teaming up with Challenger Gray enables me to take some of the incredible learnings that this community provided and amplify that impact to others that need help.

With this incredibly exciting partnership announcement, I must also share some sadder news. The Silver Lining platform has been taken offline. The Slack community will continue to be online, but will no longer be managed. It has been an incredible journey. If you are reading this, you have played a part in it and I thank you.

It would be remiss of me not to convey my sincere gratitude to the team that helped me bring Silver Lining to life. In particular:

- Jennie & Jill from Bandwidth who led our incredible coaching efforts and created a huge amount of content for the community. If you need further coaching support, please reach out to them here.

- Heather from Resume Insider who offered incredible resume writing and LinkedIn profile support. Heather is kindly offering $20 discount to any Silver Lining member who may need help with their resume or LinkedIn profile. More details here.

- Shannon & Matt from Madrona Venture Group for their talent leadership and bringing us all together!

- Elizabeth for helping build out our content portal and community. Without them, this would not have been possible.

Thank you to you all!