We're looking for volunteers to help support those affected by layoffs

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About being a Silver Lining Ambassador

We're looking for dedicated, empathetic individuals across HR, Talent, Learning & Development, Coaching and Leadership to give back in our growing community.

Our Ambassador program was designed so that we can offer more help to our community. The Silver Lining community is now thousands strong. While every member is unique, we hear a lot of the same challenges. Many have never been laid off before. Many haven't re-written their resumes in years. Many haven't interviewed in a long time. Some need advice on health insurance, unemployment... And some just need someone to talk to. The Ambassador program is our way of helping as many people as we can.

Responsibilities & expectations

Why should you be an Ambassador?

⭐️ The opportunity to give back in a community full of passionate individuals brought together by this crisis.
⭐️ Ambassadors will be featured and celebrated for their contributions to the community.
⭐️Ambassadors can add their company to our trusted resources for paid referrals.
⭐️Exposure to thousands of people and hundreds of companies on the Silver Lining platform.

What do we expect of Ambassadors?

⭐️ Answer questions within the  community that are germane to your domain expertise.
⭐️Contribute written or video best practices content to our community repository.
⭐️ Be available for 1:1 coaching or counseling sessions
⭐️Network with Silver Lining Board Members, Ambassadors and the wider community.
⭐️Raise your Ambassador brand and the visibility of Silver Lining through social media including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Slack.
⭐️Uphold the mission and represent the values of Silver Lining and the spirit of the community.
⭐️Help recruit fellow Ambassadors  

What qualifications should you have?

⭐️Subject matter expertise in at least one of the  categories of expertise listed on this page.
⭐️Certification in chosen profession or a commensurate number of years experience.
⭐️ Highly networked and respected individuals in their chosen profession with a track record of delivering proven results.
⭐️Mission-driven and passionate about diversity, inclusion and equality.
⭐️High EQ and demonstrated virtues including patience and empathy.

What expertise are we looking for?




Resume reviews

LinkedIn reviews


Interview tips


Mental health


Up-skilling, Training


Salary negotiation


Events & Webinars


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