Thank you for joining the Ambassador program

A message from Chris, our Founder

Getting started

Free to access for a limited time.

Join the community platform

You should have received an invite to the community platform by email, but if not head to and create an account.


Introduce yourself into the Introductions channel

Let the community know a bit more about yourself!


Join the Resources channel(s) that you are able to offer support in

Simply find the channels on the left hand side of the screen and join once you open each one. You are of course free to join any channel that you wish on top of those that you can offer support.


Ideally, set your notification preferences to receive emails when new posts are added in the channels you can help in.

Keep up to date with new questions and respond to appropriate posts via email if you need to.


Start engaging with the community; answering questions, creating or sharing content (written or video)

We encourage as much content sharing as possible as we endeavor to build the best resource repository for those affected.

Spreading the word

We'd love it if you can help amplify our message and spread the word about the Silver Lining community. Here's how you can help.

Add "Ambassador" at Silver Lining as a position to your LinkedIn profile.

Share that you've joined Silver Lining as an Ambassador on on LinkedIn and Twitter (and any other social networks!) - we've added suggested blurb to the right hand side.

Recruit other great people to the Ambassador program

Know other great folks? Refer them to the Ambassador program too.

Social blurb

Some ideas for blurb to share on your social media and professional networks.