Section 1 - Negotiation

In this section we help you learn how to make sure you're getting paid fairly, help you understand your offer, and negotiate for higher compensation.

Read about the Big Five components of compensation

⏳ 15 min

Read our company compensation FAQ

⏳ 15 min

Section 2 - Evaluate your best choice

If you've got multiple offers in hand, it may not be as cut and dry as picking the one with the highest comp package. Use the 6Ps framework to determine what is best for you.

Read about the 6Ps

Section 3 - Succeed in your new role

Research has shown that most turnover occurs within the new hire’s first 90 days on the job. Take some of your onboarding into your own hands to make sure your new job has staying power.

Create your onboarding plan

Review some of these templates and create your own onboarding plan to make sure you ace your first quarter on the job.

Improve your offer

Offer evaluation & negotiation plan
Detailed Offer Analysis • Negotiation templates • 30 min advisory session
VIP compensation session
Unlimited expert support • Private-to-Public offer comparisons • Multi-offer, multi-stage negotiations • Other complex situations