Identify your blockers

Growth happens in an erratic way.

We all want our progress in life to be consistent and as quickly as we can get a change to happen, we want it now. Think of stopping smoking, losing weight, or trying to change a difficult habit. Career and personal growth can be just as challenging, often feeling like you took 2 steps forward and one step back. If you can identify habits, thinking, even people, that are holding back the changes you’d like to make, you can come up with a plan to address this and not be held back any longer. But remember, growth happens in erratic ways. Even marathon runners talk about logging 10 slow miles for every fast one, yet they do this and finish their own personal marathon, so can you.

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Think about a time you had a vision for what you wanted to do. This might have been when you were a kid, or in high school or college. You might have had a friend, neighbor, parent or business or sports leader in the community that you really looked up to and thought, “I’d like to be like them”. Got that person in mind?


Note down what held you back in the past.

Write out 10 reasons that popped into your mind about why you didn’t follow through on this idea.

Some common examples would be, “My parents said the job didn’t pay enough”, or “that’s too much college and I’m not good at math”, or “artists are flaky and I can’t make a living that way”.

Notice if there are any phrases you are still telling yourself today about why you can’t pursue x, y, or z. What’s stopping you?

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