Revisit your childhood dreams

Most of us had dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up, but somehow, someway these dreams were often not achieved. How can we get back in touch now at a time when we have freedom to expand our mindset on our careers?

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Did you have a dream career when you were a kid?

When we were little kids we had dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up. I wanted to be a psychologist and later I wanted to be a dietician and then even later an art dealer. Sadly, for most of us, somebody or something early on stopped us from dreaming and we started
thinking more in terms of bringing in money; especially for those of us living in high cost housing markets.

Yet, there are so many things to be! A ballerina, a doctor, a horticulturist, an archeologist, a mechanic, an electrician, an architect, a lawyer, a software engineer, a biologist, a sculptor, a country singer, a jazz drummer, a soap opera star, an author, a stay at home parent, an EMT, an Army General...the list goes on.

How about you?


What are the top 5 professions you aspired to be earlier in your career?

Note down up to 5 professions you dreamed about when you were a kid. For one of those professions, what is one action you could do in the coming days that would be representative of that profession? Try a new profession on for size and see how it feels to you. Example: you wanted to be an Archeologist so you may go to a local beach and hunt for fossils.

Dream Job #1
Dream Job #2
Dream Job #3
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Dream Job #5
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