Get hands on experience

While we are job searching, it can be helpful to find volunteer or project-based work which will help us either offer our current skills and get noticed by people who can help you in your job hunt or offer opportunities to grow in new ways.

You can even volunteer to share your skill with the community or find project partners in Silver Lining!

*Your answers will be shared with your Silver Lining coach to help facilitate your coaching sessions.


Through platforms like DemocracyLab or Seattle Hackathons you can put your skills into action on projects which often have a focus on social good. This has the added benefit of keeping you connected, and helping you expand your network to support your job search. The other way to get plugged into projects is to ask previous mentors, leaders of MeetUp communities, or others in your network if they are working on anything where they could use some support.


What is one thing that you want to commit to learning during this time to add value to yourself as a candidate? What ideas do you have for going about the learning process?

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