Think about the experience in which you were happiest professionally.

This short exercise is designed to inspire you to think about when you were at your happiest in your work and consider the skills that you used in this experience.

Feel free to write notes in the spaces provided or using a pen & paper.

*Your answers will be shared with your Silver Lining coach to help facilitate your coaching sessions.

What company were you at when you were at your happiest?

What was the mission or vision of that company?

Was this company's mission something that resonated with you?

What were you doing at that company?

What was your role? What were your main responsibilities?

Who were you working closely with?

Our colleagues are an incredibly important piece of our happiness at work. Let's note down those that helped make this experience so valuable.

What stood out that made this job or company so great?

What skills did you use in this role?

Finally, what other jobs do you think might be a fit for the skills you wrote down?
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