Identify key contacts

Now we have some of our targets in mind, but what if there is no job listed for which we are qualified? Do we just passively wait until something becomes available?


Many of us know that jobs are found through networking, but what most people don’t realize is that 70-80% of open positions are not visible on job search websites. Therefore, looking at job postings is only a small piece of the puzzle to access available opportunities. But if you have a company target and there are no jobs listed for which you are qualified, how do you proceed?


For your list of target companies, begin to work on identifying one contact per organization that you could ask for a 30-minute conversation or a coffee meeting. Typically for the first conversation, it is often best to identify a peer for the position you are targeting, so they can provide you with insights into the day-to-day work, culture, and tips on how to be successful in the role.

Where can you go to start finding these people? You can certainly start with family and friends, but consider other avenues like your alumni network, or even upgrading your LinkedIn account so you can leverage their InMail feature to reach people. If you are involved with a professional association, LinkedIn group, or MeetUp, this can also be a good place to inquire about contacts.


What is one company you are targeting and the title of the person you are trying to connect with? Share with the community and see who might be able to help you identify that connection.

Feel free to hit "Finish" if you don't feel comfortable sharing.

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