Conduct an informational interview

Okay, you asked for a 30-minute conversation to discuss their work, gain understanding of the culture, and seek their advice on your job search. Now how do you make the most of this conversation?

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To prepare for your informational interview, it is important that you do your research on both the company and the individual. Let that inform questions so that you can make a positive impression. The key things to focus on in the conversation include: establish a human connection, demonstrate interest, indicate the value you want to bring, seek their advice, and ask for what you need (is there anyone else you suggest I speak with to learn more about anticipated openings or who also work in this field?). For more info on how to best prepare, click here.


Write out a list of 4-5 questions that you want to bring to your informational interview based upon your research about the company and the individual. Make sure you include a question at the end to ask for what you need.

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