Set goals

Alright, now is where the rubber hits the road, and we are ready to get into motion. Time and energy are precious, so we want to be strategic and focused, so we can maintain momentum. That is where goal setting comes into the picture.

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Goal setting always starts with a desired end point. Most of us are looking for organizations where we align with the values, vision, and culture, but sometimes that can be hard to pinpoint. The lowest hanging fruit can often feel like brand name companies that many of us are familiar with, but beyond that, how do we find companies that are not currently on our radar that might be interesting? Sometimes it is valuable to look at Best Places to Work lists to provide inspiration. Another place to start is to think of activities you pursue with your free time anyways. Is it cooking, cycling, reading, gaming, music, or sports? Are there ways you could blend that into your work?


Pick two areas of interest or hobbies. Research companies in those industries and find 3-5 organizations you had not previously considered working for to start your company target list.


What is one hobby or interest you might want to blend into your next career move?

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