Identify your superpowers

In this exercise, we encourage you to enlist the help of previous colleagues or friends/family to help you effectively assess your strengths.

*Your answers will be shared with your Silver Lining coach to help facilitate your coaching sessions.


It takes a village! Sometimes it can be hard to clearly see what value we have created for our previous employers or colleagues. To help us in gathering the data and themes, we encourage you to consider who could help you get some clarity.


Consider 2-3 trusted colleagues, mentors, or previous supervisors. Ask them to share where they saw you at your best at work and from that, what they think might be one or two strengths that you could bring to your next position. This can be over e-mail, or perhaps it would be good to set-up a call to discuss and reconnect. This can be the beginning of re-engaging your support network.

Write down one person you plan to reach out to and why this person is someone you want to enlist as an ally in this process:

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