Enlist your support system

As we go on this journey, it can feel easy to feel like we are climbing the mountain alone, so now is the time to activate your support system.

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Now is the time to invite friends and family to support us in this process who have witnessed what we are capable of and believe in our unique gifts and talents. Let these people know your hopes and fears as you begin this journey, and also how they can support you in this process. 

It is also valuable to think of what support structures we can enlist outside of our family and friends. Organizations, like Big Health, are offering digital therapeutics at no cost to those impacted by COVID. Sometimes it is finding a fellow job seeker inside or outside of this community who can offer us support and accountability. Supporting yourself in this process is also incredibly important. Consider the use of personal affirmations to keep yourself focused and positive.


Write an e-mail to your support system, sharing your personal pitch, and letting them know what you are looking for so that they can keep an eye out for you. Also share the kind of support you might want them to offer you in the process.


What is one personal affirmation that you want to use to keep yourself positive and supported in this process?

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