Set-up your job search tracking system

Once we have some targets, it is time to create a system to stay organized throughout the process.


The job search process is iterative because while we usually start with some targets, as we go, we gather more information, which often shifts or expands our focus. As we do our outreach, it is valuable to have a system to track our efforts to both feel a sense of progress, but also to be able to inform our follow-up efforts. Consider setting a goal of submitting at least three applications a week, while also conducting outreach to at least three industry contacts per week.


Create your own system for creating your target list of companies, tracking outreach efforts, as well as job applications. Try either of these options to see what you prefer:

1. Copy the Job Search Tracker spreadsheet (to download your own copy and get started, click File > Download as > whatever file type you’d like, or make a copy in Google Sheets by clicking File > Make a copy).

2. Use a free platform like Huntr, which is a visual 'kanban' style project tracker.

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