Imaginary Careers

Sometimes there are dreams that we have lost along the way, or things we have not given ourselves permission to consider.

Once we have taken the time to reflect on our past experiences and what that reveals about where we might want to direct our energies next, it is valuable to begin imagining possibilities beyond what we have considered, so that we open our mind about what might be next.

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If you had 5 imaginary careers you could have right now, or a whole other life to live, what would you be?

Please write down 5 things and don’t overthink this, just say 5 things that jump out to you.

Imaginary career #1
Imaginary career #2
Imaginary career #3
Imaginary career #4
Imaginary career #5

Now, look over your list and select one and consider how you may be able to 'try out' a part of the job this week.

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