👋 Hi fName, welcome to Silver Lining.

A short message from our Founder, Chris Brownridge.

👐 We're here to support you.

If you suddenly or unexpectedly find yourself out of work, we are so sorry you find yourself in that position. While losing a job can be challenging, we believe that it can also be turned into an incredible opportunity. Our goal is to help you come out of this in a stronger position than you were before. Hence our name is "Silver Lining"!

Before you get started, we want to tell you a bit about our platform. 

📖 We've developed a program to help you prepare and execute on your job search.

The content is divided over 4 weeks, which can be followed at your own pace according to where you are in the job search process. Within each week, there are different modules and exercises to help you make progress.

Week 1 - Expand & Explore

Reflect on past experiences • Identify your skills

Week 2 - Execute: Get your resume & LinkedIn ready

Job requirements • Build your profile • Resume templates

Week 3 - Engage: Connecting with opportunities

Get organized • Self preparation • Connect with key contacts

Beyond - Excel: Offer negotiation, onboarding

Get a better offer • Ace your first 90 days
🏋️‍♂️ In each module, there are professional coaches available to offer more support.

All of our coaches are experienced working with tech employees and can help you dive deeper on some of the activities offered through the program.

❤️ Silver Lining is built on community.

Community is what sets us apart. By fostering an inclusive and engaging community, we can all help each other.

Join the discussion by tapping Community from the menu. We encourage you to share questions, thoughts or updates on your search.

🏅 Engaging in the community earns you Silver Lining badges.

You can earn your first community badge 💬 by writing a short introduction about yourself to the community below (if you are uncomfortable doing this now, feel free to just click on "Next").

Finally, when do you plan to actively start your job search?

This is to help us tailor your experience.

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