Amy Borh

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Last Company



Last Job Title

Account Executive

Experience (yrs)

3-5 years


Primary Job Function
Customer Success


What would I like my future manager to know about me?

My mind is designed for innovation and process improvement. I can thrive in environments that are not organized and perceived to be chaotic (start-ups), but inherently look for for ways to make the process more efficient. I am solution focused. If you ask me to figure out a problem, I will analyze it from multiple angles and provide you with a solution. On top of excelling in my day-to-day, I always look for additional ways to support my teammates or get involved with tasks that are outside my job description.


Looking For

Customer Success
Account Manager
Account Executive


Ideal Company Size(s)
Seed (1 - 10 employees)
Early (11 - 50 employees)
Mid-Size (51 - 200 employees)
Large (201 - 500 employees)
Very Large (501 - 1000 employees)
Massive (1000+ employees)



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Fairfield, CA




Desired Industries

Saas / Cloud
Advertising Technology