Julio Soldevilla

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Last Company

Bright Machines


Last Job Title

Applied Scientist

Experience (yrs)

Less than 3 years


Primary Job Function
Data Science


What would I like my future manager to know about me?

I am young grad school graduate with about a year of professional experience looking for opportunities in anything related to machine learning, artificial intelligence and computer vision. I have experience working both with large and small datasets, writing and fine tuning deep learning models and with other technologies (C#, C++). I would be happy to hear about any possible opportunity for me. I am ready to start working right now, but would need help (mostly in form of paperwork) to extend my OPT work permit.


Looking For

Data Science
Machine Learning Engineer
Software Engineer


Ideal Company Size(s)
Mid-Size (51 - 200 employees)
Large (201 - 500 employees)
Very Large (501 - 1000 employees)
Massive (1000+ employees)



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Seattle, Washington




Desired Industries

ML & Intelligent Apps
Devices & Software
Analytics / Big Data