Keith Gitchel


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Last Company

F5 Networks


Last Job Title

Director, Development Operations


Experience (yrs)

10-15 years


Primary Job Function
Software Development


What would I like my future manager to know about me?

Having been with one employer for 13 straight years clearly indicates my loyalty and commitment to those I work for. My promotion from within displays my successful progression as I won the trust and confidence of my superiors. Exceptional leadership skills developing top talent while executing on strategic and tactical operational plans. One of my strengths that will greatly benefit your organization is my ability to create a multidimensional executive impact through my expertise in global location collaboration. My knowledge and experience span full lifecycle management. From design phase through product release and from customer service to end of life. This is where I’ve honed my leadership skills and competence in building winning teams.


Looking For

Project Manager


Ideal Company Size(s)
Large (201 - 500 employees)
Very Large (501 - 1000 employees)
Massive (1000+ employees)
Seed (1 - 10 employees)
Early (11 - 50 employees)
Mid-Size (51 - 200 employees)



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Seattle, Washington




Desired Industries

Networking & Storage
Devices & Software