Max Springer

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Last Company

Accenture Interactive


Last Job Title

Design Director

Experience (yrs)

10-15 years


Primary Job Function


What would I like my future manager to know about me?

As a senior UX/UI designer, I lead visual design teams in developing digital experiences and am responsible for crafting and managing ux, ui and visual design systems across both mobile and desktop applications. My experience working with creative agencies has groomed me to be a strong and adaptable designer and an effective team member beyond which I offer a critical perspective and a creative mind.  I'm particularly interested in opportunities where my skills as a design thinker can be used to promote humanitarian efforts and greater social well-being.


Looking For

UX/UI Designer
Creative Director


Ideal Company Size(s)
Seed (1 - 10 employees)
Early (11 - 50 employees)
Mid-Size (51 - 200 employees)
Large (201 - 500 employees)
Very Large (501 - 1000 employees)
Massive (1000+ employees)



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Red Hook, NY




Desired Industries

Devices & Software
Saas / Cloud