Troy Kehoe

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Last Company

Gimbal Advertising


Last Job Title

Client Success Director

Experience (yrs)

15+ years


Primary Job Function
Customer Success


What would I like my future manager to know about me?

I'm a multi-EMMY Award-winning communications executive and purveyor of client success. My experience navigating the intersection of media and business is built on nearly two decades of extensive national press expertise combined with goal-oriented strategic alignment and savvy consulting for some of the world's largest brands in spaces like CPG, consumer electronics, entertainment and QSR. I am a veteran visual communicator, creative writer, disruptive thought leader and passionate collaborator extensively trained to reach across multiple platforms to engage target audiences and drive effective brand management. I have a proven track record of success in deadline-driven, high profile, high-stress environments. Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) awarded through International Franchise Association (IFA). Google AdWords Certified in Fundamentals + Mobile Advertising. More than 20 individual EMMY, Edward R. Murrow, AP & SPJ awards as a writer and editor with experience in all forms of digital communication, representing clients in markets across North America, Europe and Asia.


Looking For

Content Marketing
Customer Success


Ideal Company Size(s)
Seed (1 - 10 employees)
Early (11 - 50 employees)
Mid-Size (51 - 200 employees)
Large (201 - 500 employees)
Very Large (501 - 1000 employees)
Massive (1000+ employees)



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Chicago, IL




Desired Industries

Supply Chain
Saas / Cloud
Digital Media
Analytics / Big Data
Advertising Technology