Multiple offers in hand? Here's how to think about what is best for you.

Learning about the 6Ps can help you consider what is the best opportunity for you.

The Position

To determine whether a position you're offered is right for you, ask yourself the following questions and make sure you have clear answers to them: What in fact is the role? What are the responsibilities and expectations for it? Who does it report to? Where does it sit in the organization? Based on the responsibilities, expectations, reporting and organizational structure, is the position properly empowered to leverage all of your strengths? Are you confident you can be successful in the role?

The People

Employers will often check references on candidates they hire, but how about if you check the references on a company? Research on LinkedIn who you know that works at the company or who is connected to someone that does and ask for an introduction to ask some questions about culture, turnover, growth initiatives. Also, how well did you “click” with the people on the interview loop. Ideally the fit felt natural for you in the majority of the people you met.

The Product/Mission

Are you working in a company where you're confident you can make a material contribution to the company and are excited or inspired to work hard? Consider the company's business objectives: Are they going through a turnaround? Growth? Acquisitions or divestitures? Understand how you fit in and does this build excitement?

The Potential

Many will accept jobs that may be perceived as a step back from the last job they had pre-COVID. Inquire about the speed of hiring at the company and any policies around promoting from within. Ask the interviewers if they are doing the same job they were hired to do and how they may or may not perceive internal growth opportunities.

The Place

With the forced switch to remote and distributed work teams, are you comfortable with any required onsite time, travel, or working remotely full time? Is the job, if onsite time is required, in a location you can easily get to by public transportation or via driving if needed? Test the commute during typical rush hour.

The Pay

Some job seekers may accept pay cuts due to a period of high unemployment, but the most crucial question is your own perceived fairness about the pay rate. All of us need to feel we are paid fairly for the work we are doing for there to be long-term job satisfaction. If this is not possible (yet), inquire about pay policies in general. Example: have salaries been reduced at the company and if so, is there a timeline for reviewing these again?