Finding your target contact's email address

So you know who to contact, but how do you get in touch? Use this handy guide to find email addresses so you can get in touch!

So you've identified key contacts that you want to connect with at some of your target companies, but how to you find their contact details to even approach them?

The easiest option is to send them an InMail on LinkedIn, but there are two challenges with this:

  1. Many people do not actively check or respond to their LinkedIn mail.
  2. You'll quickly hit a limit and need to upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account.

What else can you do? Luckily there are several options to help you find your target contact's email address, here are two:

Hunter -

Hunter is a really simple tool that allows you to search for email addresses by name and company. Creating an account is free of charge - but you only get 50 email searches per month with that. If you hit the limit.. maybe you can use a new email address :)

Step 1: go to

Step 2: enter in the domain of the contact's company. In this example, I searched for Zoom.

Step 3: search for the target person's name

This will show their email!

The thing to keep in mind with Hunter is that in many cases they are pattern matching to find the email address - they take the typical corporate email structure (for example {first}.{last} and assume your contact has that same email structure. I've found it to be incorrect in a minority of cases.

Clearbit - Chrome extension

The second option is to use a Chrome extension called Clearbit - add it to Chrome for free here. Like with Hunter, it's free to access but you have usage limits, this time it is 100 searches. Once you add it to Chrome, it will appear in your Gmail toolbar.

Step 1: open Clearbit from your gmail toolbar (right hand side on desktop)

Step 2: search for the domain of the target contacts' company.

Step 3: search for the target contact and click on the resume. Voila, their email is there!

One thing to note with Clearbit - it doesn't have everyone's email in here so you may come up short.

Overall the best strategy is to use a mix of Hunter and Clearbit to find emails - in some cases, one may have your target contact and one may not.